Quotes from the Sisters

"History is so much better in tight pants." -- Lillia

"How'd I get from penises to seeblatts? I'm so scatterbrained." -- Lillia

"I know that many will look askance at me and my words. But there will be a few, oh yes, that will stop and listen. There will be hope for those precious few. As for those that turn their backs on the Sisterhood, they shall only know a life of soberness, chastity, and ignorance. How very sad for them." -- Marion

"I'm a precedent. *sigh*" -- Lillia

"Oh, Saint Walburga! It's always time to make fun of Istvan!" -- THL Giulietta d a Venezia

"Sweetheart Abbey? Jesus, how 'My Little Ponies' is that?" -- Marion

"That is not a name. That is a sausage." -- Brunissende

"The mind boggles as to how one saint can cover gardeners and VD at the same tim e." -- Marion

"There must be a way to blazon 'issuant from ass'." -- Brunissende

"Ummm...you want the nuts to be purpure. Purpure is like blue, but with pain added." -- Brunissende

"Walburga... they're like a... heraldic biker gang." "Only they drink more." -- Ian Raven and Annys

"You can never go wrong with drunken angels." -- Marion

"Nimis deridere Istvanem non potest." -- Various

"A.S 5 called. They want their documentation back." -- Istvan

"OH! Potent CHIEF!! I just thought you said "potent sheep". And that said way more about your relationship than I wanted I know." -- Alys, about Marie and Istvan

"We are all geeks." -- Juliana

"We are the geeks of geeks." -- Alys

"I cited myself not that long ago... I felt dirty." -- Alys

"Submit 'em All, Let Laurel Sort 'em Out" -- motto above and below a hand-drawn image of a skull above two crossed trumpets, found in Alexandre's files from the early 80s

"Now we say: Submit 'em All, Gabriel will know his own." - Alys

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